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There are many fine electric skillets on the market, but how do you know which one is the best one for you?

With so many different materials, shapes and sizes, it can be difficult to decide. That's why we've created this list of the six best electric skillets available today.

We'll discuss the benefits of each product and help you decide which one is right for you!

How We Spotlight The Best Electric Skillets

With so many different types of skillets to choose from, finding the right one may be a little overwhelming. It might be difficult to choose which of these electric skillets is best for you without spending hours researching.

We independently researched the market for you and spotlighted the six best large electric skillets based on their capacity (like cooking space), versatility (deep frying, grilling), design (square, round), simplicity of operation (like temperature control, stay-cool handles, tempered glass cover), materials (heavy cast aluminum, stainless steel) and convenience (easy cleaning; think dishwasher safe, nonstick coating).

Take a look at our catchy finds for suggestions on the best skillet for you and your kitchen's design. Choose the one that is just right for you.

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BELLA Ceramic Titanium 12 inch Electric Skillet

Best Ceramic Electric Skillet

BELLA Ceramic Titanium 12 inch Electric Skillet

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Why We Spotlight It

If you're looking for a versatile and reliable electric skillet, the BELLA 12 inch skillet is the right choice. This multi-functional unit can roast, fry, sauté, steam, or be used as a buffet, making it ideal for family meals like omelets, pancakes, ratatouilles, risottos, paellas, and more.

With its handy size and dual-height temperature control, the BELLA skillet is a great choice for anyone looking for a budget electric skillet.

What Makes It Catchy

The secret to the BELLA 12 inch skillet's success is its ceramic-titanium surface. This ensures a deep fry, even heating and browning, so your food always comes out of this skillet pan perfectly cooked.

What makes this unique almost square-shaped skillet different from other electric skillets is its a ceramic coating. This is 8 times more durable than traditional nonstick coatings, meaning it will stand up to even the most rigorous cooking tasks.

Plus, it cooks up to 30% faster than standard electric skillets, so you can get your meal on the table in no time. And thanks to the titanium reinforcement, this skillet is incredibly durable and scratch-resistant.

Things You Should Know

Featuring a 1200-watt heating system and heat control, it's perfect for cooking up a variety of dishes. The tempered glass cover helps to retain moisture and flavor. Plus, the cool-touch handles make it easy to transport it from your kitchen countertop to the dinner table.

Cleanup is a breeze too thanks to the nonstick coating. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth after cooking and you're good to go.

Whether you're cooking up a big breakfast for the family or whipping up a quick dinner for two, the BELLA 12 inch Electric Skillet, most likely the best budget electric skillet currently available, is the perfect solution.

Cuisinart 15 inch CSK-150 Electric Skillet

Best Stainless Steel Electric Skillet

Cuisinart 15 inch CSK-150 Electric Skillet

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Why We Spotlight It

The brushed stainless steel Cuisinart Electric Skillet is a versatile countertop cooking appliance and valuable addition to any kitchen.

With its 15 inch nonstick coating, the Cuisinart skillet is perfect for searing, frying, sautéing, or browning. And with its tempered glass lid, you can monitor your food as it cooks.

The Cuisinart electric skillet also has a pour spout, making it easy to remove excess fat or oil. Plus, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

So whether you're preparing a quick meal for yourself or cooking for a crowd, the Cuisinart skillet is up to the task. It may well be the best electric skillet for you!

What Makes It Catchy

The Cuisinart skillet is the perfect kitchen appliance for cooking up your favorite meals.

With a temperature probe that adjusts from warm to 450°F, you cooking pancakes for your family or some delicious fajitas for your friends.

Plus, the glass cover with stainless steel rim and handle helps to keep your food warm and fresh. The side handles also ensure safe transport of the skillet, from kitchen countertop to dinner table.

Things You Should Know

This fully immersible and dishwasher safe skillet comes with an instruction and recipe book with 30 recipes, so you can easily create delicious meals for your family and friends.

The nonstick surface is ideal for low-fat or no-fat cooking, making it a healthy option for you and your family.

The Cuisinart electric skillet is also built to North American Electrical Standards and is BPA free, making it also a safe and healthy option for your kitchen.

Ovente 13 inch Electric Skillet

Best Round Electric Skillet

Ovente 13 inch Electric Skillet

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Why We Spotlight It

This is unquestionably a wok to remember! Ovente Electric Kitchen Skillet adds more sizzle and taste to any food, including Asian-style food. You may use it to whip up a delicious hot pot.

This versatile kitchen gadget is tailor made for tasty favorite meals. It features a nonstick cooking surface for easy cleanup and adjustable temperature control, making it easy to cook all kinds of food.

Whether you're whipping up quick stir-fry egg noodles for lunch or chicken fried rice or beef broccoli vegetables mix for dinner, the Ovente 13 inch Electric Skillet is up to the task. Make your every meal a quick and easy one!

What Makes It Catchy

This electric skillet is made of heavy cast aluminum and features a 5-dial temperature knob, so you can simply adjust the heat to your desired temperature, up to 400°F.

It has a thermostat to regulate the cooking temperature properly and prevent overheating. Plus, the cover is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass which features a steam vent for safety.

Things You Should Know

The nonstick, PFOA-free cooking surface prevents foods from sticking, and the dishwasher safe design means cleanup is a breeze.

Plus, the tempered glass lid lets you see your food as it cooks, while the adjustable temperature control lets you find the perfect setting for whatever it is you are making.

If you're looking for an electric skillet that's easy to clean and packed with features, the Ovente 13 inch Electric Skillet is a great option.

Nesco American Harvest 12 inch Electric Skillet

Best Deep Electric Skillet

Nesco American Harvest 12 inch Electric Skillet

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Why We Spotlight It

This Nesco American Harvest electric skillet is a handy kitchen appliance that's perfect for cooking up your favorite meals.

The 12 inch skillet has a 4" deep well design that's perfect for frying, sautéing, or browning. And with its tempered glass lid, you can monitor your food as it cooks.

So whether you're preparing a quick meal for yourself or cooking for a crowd, the Nesco American Harvest electric skillet is up to the task.

What Makes It Catchy

This top-of-the-line skillet is designed with a high-grade aluminum body to conduct and distribute heat evenly, as well as a borosilicate glass lid that can handle high temperatures and steam.

Its 5-Dial Temperature Control lets you set your preferred temperature, from 200-464°F. And because it's thermostat-regulated, you can be sure that it will maintain proper temperature and prevent overheating.

Things You Should Know

The Nesco American Harvest electric skillet also has a pour spout, making it easy to remove excess fat or oil.

With a die-cast aluminum pan and a sturdy tempered glass lid, this skillet is built to last.

The premium nonstick coating of its interior makes cleanup a breeze, and the heat-resistant and stay-cool handles make it safe and easy to use.

With the probe removed, this skillet is also dishwasher safe, making it even easier to use and clean.

Presto 16 inch Electric Skillet

Best Large Electric Skillet

Presto 16 inch Electric Skillet

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Why We Spotlight It

The Presto electric skillet is also easy to use. The adjustable temperature control means you can cook whatever you like, whether it's a quick breakfast or a gourmet dinner.

Its large size is perfect for feeding a crowd. So go ahead and invite your friends over for a night in. The Presto 16 inch skillet can handle anything you throw at it.

What Makes It Catchy

This Presto skillet is the perfect addition to your kitchen arsenal. Whether you're cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, or entertaining guests, this skillet can do it all.

In the world of skillets, size matters. Roast a chicken, fry some potatoes, grill some vegetables, stew a beef roast, bake a cake, or make a rich one-dish meal.

Plus, the EverNu cover won't dent, warp, peel, or bend. This top-of-the-line appliance is made of durable aluminum, has even heat distribution and features a nonstick surface, making it a snap to clean.

Things You Should Know

The nonstick finish on the cooking surface and the skillet's outside makes cleanup a breeze. And because it's dishwasher safe, you'll never have to worry about scrubbing it by hand.

Heat is controlled by the Heat Controller, which automatically maintains the intended temperature.

With so many features and benefits, the Presto 16-inch Electric Skillet is a must-have for every home cook.

Looking for a versatile and large electric skillet that can handle any cooking job? Look no further than the Presto 16 inch skillet pan.

Chefman 10 Inch 3-In-1 Electric Grill Pot & Skillet

Best Small Electric Skillet

Chefman 10 Inch 3-In-1 Electric Grill Pot & Skillet

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Why We Spotlight It

The Chefman Electric Grill Pot & Skillet is the perfect way to cook up a hot, hearty, and healthy meal! The temperature control knob goes up to 450º F, so you can grill, slow cook, steam, simmer, stir fry, and more – all in one pan!

The 10 inch nonstick cooking surface offers a variety of cooking options, while the raised grill surface allows fat to drip away as the food cooks.

What Makes It Catchy

Looking for a powerful and versatile electric skillet and grill? With a raised grill surface, this skillet is perfect for cooking all your favorite meats, veggies, fish, and chicken.

The best part? The fat drips away as the food cooks, so you can enjoy all the delicious flavors without the added grease.

And with its slow-cooking function, you can also prepare hearty meals like stew, jambalaya, or chili. So whether you're in the mood for grilling or slow-cooking, this electric pot has you covered.

Plus, it comes with a steaming tray so you can steam up healthy options like fresh veggies or fish.

The Chefman Electric Grill Pot & Skillet is the perfect way to cook a variety of hot, hearty, and healthy meals!

Things You Should Know

The removable temperature control knob goes up from 200°F to 450ºF, making it easy to find the perfect cooking temperature for whatever you're whipping up.

For added convenience, the nonstick surface and glass lid are removable and dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

When you're done cooking, the nonstick surface makes cleanup a breeze. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or pop it in the dishwasher.

Best Electric Skillet FAQs

One of the most popular kitchen appliances is an electric skillet. You see them in kitchens all over the world.

There are so many models out on the market, it can be hard to know which  electric skillet will work well with your lifestyle. We've put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

These are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how skillets work and what foods you may cook in them.

What is an electric skillet?

The word “skillet” refers to pans with flat bottoms, slanted sides, ample cooking space with a nonstick surface for easy cleaning and heat control. They are similar to frying pans; some people call them an electric frying pan. However, while a frying pan tends to be shallow, a skillet tends to be a little deeper and should have a tempered glass lid. You often see them on a buffet table. A skillet is a versatile cooking tool, with dial control. From stir-frying, making omelets and crepes, and given the right size, a complete dinner. Depending on the type of food, they can be made of copper, cast-iron, ceramic or nonstick materials.

What is an electric skillet good for?

Traditional stovetops may heat unevenly, electric skillets consistently heat evenly and consistently. Consistent heat is ideal for frying and sauteing, but also for deep-frying doughnuts, chicken, potatoes and fish.

What is the difference between an electric skillet and an electric griddle?

An electric skillet is a kitchen appliance typically used for frying or browning foods. It generally has a metal body with a non-stick surface, and either a removable lid or internal steaming pan. Electric skillets typically have adjustable temperature controls. An electric griddle is a kitchen appliance typically used for cooking pancakes, bacon, grilled sandwiches, and other flatbreads. It generally has a large, flat cooking surface with a greased surface that heats evenly. Electric griddles typically have minimal adjustable temperature controls.

So in terms of shapes, an electric skillet is more like a traditional frying pan while an electric griddle is more like a large, flat griddle pancake grill.

In terms of functions, you can use an electric skillet for frying, browning, sauteing, and deep-frying. An electric griddle is better suited for cooking pancakes, bacon, grilled sandwiches, and other flatbreads.

Can you cook anything in an electric skillet?

If you want to prepare a quick dinner, an electric skillet is a must-have for any kitchen. You can use it to cook or fry anything, making it also the go-to cookware for parties and potlucks.

What can I cook in an electric skillet?

You can cook a variety of dishes in a skillet, including eggs, pancakes, fish, chicken, and steak. Some people also use electric skillets to prepare desserts such as brownies and cake. Or for frying an egg, or omelet!

Can I cook steak in an electric skillet?

If you don't own a grill but like to cook steak, your electric skillet is your go-to kitchen accessory. Your steak or burger will not show grill lines, but the skillet will cook your steak or burger thoroughly and to perfection.

Can you cook a pizza in an electric skillet?

Yes. On the bottom layer put any topping you like, from mozzarella and pepperoni to tomatoes and basil - there are a zillion ways to cover a pizza - and sprinkle with cheese. Cover and cook over medium heat (set electric skillet to 375°F) until the crust is brown on the bottom and the cheese has melted; it takes about 15 minutes.

Can you grill in an electric skillet?

Yes, any pan-fried foods. Most people use their electric skillet for this purpose. They are used to make breakfast dishes like pancakes and bacon to hash browns and French toast. In addition, you can grill steak, pork chops, chicken, fish, and tofu.

Can I use my electric skillet as a slow cooker?

Slow cooking and braising are easy ways to use your electric skillet, as it involves low temperatures and lots of downtime. When you frequently want to braise or slow cook, you need to have a relatively deep skillet, as a shallow one is not well-suited for these cooking methods.

Can you use an electric skillet like an oven?

Yes, one of its options is to use it as an oven. They usually have a tempered glass lid. In fact, electric skillets are particularly useful (and deep enough) for making baked items like cornbread, biscuits and potatoes. Just make sure your electric cooking pan has a temperature setting that suits the job.

Can you cook hamburgers in an electric skillet?

The even and consistent heating of the electric skillet and its temperature control makes it easy to keep burgers cooking consistently and prevent them from burning.

Can I cook steak in an electric skillet?

Absolutely! A skillet is a great way to cook up a delicious steak. Just make sure to follow the manual's instructions. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect steak:

  1. Choose a steak at least 1-inch thick.
  2. Season the steak with salt and pepper.
  3. Heat the skillet to 350 F.
  4. Put some oil in, then add the steak.
  5. Cook for about 2 minutes per side.
  6. Reduce the heat, and repeat step 5. until the steak reaches the desired level of doneness.
  7. Turn off the heat and let the steak rest for a few minutes before serving.

How long does it take to cook a steak in an electric skillet?

Cook the steak on one side, until browned. Once it browns, it will loosen from the pan. Flip over and brown the other side; appr. 1-2 minutes per side. Reduce heat to medium-low (250°F-275°F) and cook with cover on for appr. 5 mins., or to the desired level of doneness using a meat thermometer.

How do you cook rice in an electric skillet?

Add rice to the skillet. Add water or chicken stock and bring it to a boil. Stir it for a short while. Now reduce the heat to a low simmer. Close the skillet cover. Cook the rice with the lid on for around 15 minutes.

Brown rice will take between 40-45 minutes. The rice is cooked when the water is completely absorbed. Shut down the heat and let the rice sit for 5 minutes. Before serving, fluff the rice with a fork or spoon. Don't forget to clean the cooking pan.

Can you fry seafood, like fish in an electric skillet?

To fry fish in your skillet, you need to keep the temperature between 325°F and 375°F. Don't overheat; white fish is delicate and when it is just a bit too hot it is likely to burn. Tip: when cooking fish, always keep an eye on it .

How do I clean an electric skillet?

  1. Let it cool down to room temperature.
  2. Unplug the power cord.
  3. Drain the grease.
  4. Wipe any remaining food particles.
  5. Now wash the skillet with Soap.
  6. Let it drip and dry.

Does an electric skillet use a lot of electricity?

The average skillet uses around 1500 watts to cook food at a temperature of over 400 degrees. A small skillet uses around 1000 watts and a large one over 1800 watts.

The Best Electric Skillet For You

We have spotlighted the best electric skillets the market has in store and provided links so that you may learn more about their pricing.

We hope that this buying guide has been useful in assisting you in selecting the best electric skillet for your family.

You may also read further articles on our site about different varieties and sizes of electric skillets, as well as other kitchen appliance evaluations.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and have a wonderful day!

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