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Ah, another endless debate: Glass air fryer/ Halogen air fryer vs Air fryer. Pros & Cons of each machine? Which is better? Which will help you achieve that perfect crispy fried chicken skin? Which is more energy-efficient? More cost-effective? In short, which one should you buy?

Halogen Air Fryer vs. Air Fryer

To answer these pressing questions, we must first understand what each type of appliance is and how it works.

  • An air fryer, as the name suggests, is a small kitchen countertop appliance designed to cook food by circulating hot air around it.
  • A halogen air fryer, also known as a glass air fryer/ or halogen oven, works in a similar way. It cooks food in a more unique way than a regular electric air fryer. It also uses hot air to cook food, but it does so using halogen lamps. These lamps heat up the food directly, rather than heating the air around it.

Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of appliance.

Air Fryer Pros:

  1. They're cheaper than halogen air fryers.
  2. They're smaller and more compact, so they take up less counter space.
  3. Most models come with features like timers, temperature controls, and digital programming, making them user-friendly.
  4. Air fryers cook food faster than glass air fryers (halogen models).
  5. They don't require as much oil as deep fryers, so they're healthier for you.

Air Fryer Cons:

  1. They don't get as hot as glass air fryers (halogen air fryers), so they might not be able perfectly to cook certain foods as well (e.g., frozen foods or whole chicken).
  2. They don't have built-in lighting, so it's harder to check on the progress of your food without opening the door and letting out all the heat.
  3. They can be noisy when in use.

Glass Air Fryer (Halogen Air Fryer) Pros:

  1. They can get hotter than regular air fryers, so they can cook frozen foods better.
  2. They have built-in lighting, so you can check on the progress of your food without letting out all the heat by opening the door.
  3. Some models have additional features like a rotisserie function or a dehydrator function.
  4. They tend to be less noisy when in use than regular air fryers.
  5. Halogen air fryers cook food slower than regular electric air fryers.
  6. The technology behind glass air fryers is simplistic; most don't have digital displays and only have knobs.
  7. They're cheaper than regular air fryers.
  8. The dishwasher safe big glass bowl makes them extremely simple to maintain.

Glass Air Fryer (Halogen Air Fryer) Cons:

  1. They're larger and bulkier, so they take up more counter space.
  2. Some people find them difficult to use because of all the buttons and settings.
  3. You have to be careful not to touch the hot glass bowl when using one.
  4. You have to make sure not to overcrowd the basket when cooking food in a halogen air fryer.
  5. The light can be harmful when you open the door while it's in use.
  6. Halogen air fryers can be smelly when in use because of the infrared waves.

Which Is Better: Halogen Oven vs Air Fryer

If you're looking for an appliance that is cheap and cheerful, then go for a glass air fryer (a halogen model).

If you want something that is versatile, and cooks food faster but are willing to pay a bit more, then go for a regular air fryer.

We hope this blog post helped shed some light on the great debate: halogen air fryer vs air fryer!

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Happy cooking!

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