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Have you ever wished that you had a little more help in the kitchen? If you're looking for a manual food processor, then you've come to the right place.

These handy devices are small and easy to use, making them perfect for any cooking task, from chopping food ingredients and working as an onion chopper or a coleslaw chopper, to preparing an omelette, pesto, a fruit salad or baby food.

Don't be surprised if you see chefs in restaurant kitchens use this device as a more convenient way to chop vegetables: all gourmet chefs alike love this gadget.

In this blog post, we will be reviewing 5 of the best manual food processors on the market. We'll go over what makes each one unique and how they can benefit you in the kitchen.

Check out this guide to learn more about how manual food processors work and how to choose one that's right for you.

Why Using Manual Food Processor?

There are many reasons why manual food processors are essential.

  • They are multi-functional and efficient, so they can help you save time in the kitchen. If you're chopping vegetables or fruits by hand, it can take a lot of time. With a manual yet powerful food processor, you can chop these ingredients quickly and easily.
  • They are easy to clean, does not take up much space, and is very quiet when in use. With a manual chopper and food processor, you can also better control the size of your ingredients than with an electric one.
  • They are running without electricity, so energy-efficient and safe.
  • Manual food processors are light and have no power cords attached. This makes them portable so you can take them with you wherever you go.
Brieftons Food Chopper: Manual Vegetable Chopper Demo | Brieftons
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Food choppers chop these ingredients quickly and easily

Mueller Manual Food Processor

Best Choice For Its Ease To Clean

Mueller Manual Food Processor


What Makes It Catchy

The Mueller Manual Food Processor is the best choice for its ease to clean. The mini food processor is very easy to assemble and dissemble and to clean.

Say goodbye to electric food choppers that come with many parts. This appliance makes food prep as simple as possible for the whole family. It has a dual speed chop function: low speed for a coarse cut, high speed for fine cut.

The food chopper features 3 extremely sharp stainless-steel blades that are precisely positioned to evenly cut through a variety of foods, delivering the best results.

The ergonomic handle is easy to pull, and the non-slip feet keep the bowl from sliding. With a quality construction and non-toxic materials, your food prep is in good hands!

Mueller Manual Food Processor

Things In The Spotlight

With a large 5 cup (1.2L) capacity and durable stainless steel blades, this versatile manual chopper is perfect for prepping meals for the whole family.

The innovative pull mechanism is perfect for chopping ingredients in seconds - simply pull the cord to chop coarsely or use the control switch to chop finely.

As there's no need for electricity, it's perfect for RVing, travel and camping. Compact and easy to store, the Mueller Manual Food Processor is the kitchen helper you've been looking for.

Mueller Manual Food Processor
Mueller Manual Food Processor

Brieftons Express Manual Food Chopper

Best Choice For Its Light Weight

Brieftons Express Manual Food Chopper & Processor


What Makes It Catchy

The Brieftons Express Manual Food Chopper & Processor is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to cook. With an 8.5-cup capacity, it can process a lot of food in one go, saving you time and freeing you up for other more exciting tasks in the kitchen.

The Brieftons Express manual food chopper is the ideal substitute for electric ones thanks to its 3-leaf design, lightweight and quietness. It also has an easy handle that makes it easier than ever before!

This powerful, convenient tool makes quick work of tedious chopping jobs, like veggies and meat, and tedious cutting tasks, like cutting tomatoes and salad, herbs for soups and garlics, or if you want to whip eggs.

It's very easy to assemble, use and care for. Just a few pumps of the handle and voila, your food is beautifully chopped and ready to go! Better still, it works consistently and safely each and every time.

Brieftons Express Manual Food Chopper & Processor

Things In The Spotlight

The Brieftons Express is the perfect food chopper for anyone who wants to chop veggies quickly and easily. With its three blades, the Brieftons Express can chop onions in just 60 seconds, with no hassle and no tears.

The blades are hidden inside the bowl during use, so your hands are never in danger. The Brieftons Express is also lightweight and quiet, making it perfect for small kitchens or apartments.

Despite its large bowl capacity, the chopper can store in a small space thanks to the pump handle's design which allows it to be locked down when not in use. It's easy to use and clean, no need to touch the blades, and it's portable and compact, making it a perfect fit for all kitchens.

Online, Brieftons offers 5 recipe books, with delicious salsa, salad, vegan, vegetarian & raw recipes.

Brieftons Express Manual Food Chopper & Processor
Brieftons Express Manual Food Chopper & Processor

Salsa Master Manual Food Processor

Best Choice For Its Ease Of Use

Salsa Master Manual Food Processor


What Makes It Catchy

The Salsa Master Manual Food Processor is the best choice for its ease of use. The triple bladed Samurai chopping blades are made of surgical stainless steel that won’t bend or rust and are designed for fast and even chopping.

Featuring triple bladed Samurai chopping blades made from surgical stainless steel, this food processor is built to last. The large 5 cup capacity bowl is not just a salsa maker.

It is perfect for making large batches of any fruit salads, nuts, herbs, hummus, guacamole, carrots and many other veggies, for baby food, dips and other foods. The Salsa Master recipe book will help you explore the gadget's possibilities.

With the anti-skid bowl and pouring spout, you'll be able to easily transfer your finished product without spillage. The chopper features an oversized crank, making it safer, more durable and easier to control to produce your desired results.

Salsa Master Manual Food Processor

Things In The Spotlight

This manual food chopper is a great alternative to electric food choppers that can be bulky, noisy, and expensive. The blades are concealed during operation for utmost safety. The plastic handle helps to keep a firm grip.

Because it is manually operated, you can achieve the consistency you want. Just spin a few times for large chunks, spin 5-6 times for perfectly coarse texture or small chunks, and keep on turning if you want to puree the food.

This chopper is made from BPA free, food safe plastic, and so are all of its parts. Its components come apart for easy cleaning. Just rinse with water after use and let them drip dry. The Salsa Master comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Salsa Master Manual Food Processor
Salsa Master Manual Food Processor

Cambom Manual Food Processor

Best Choice For Its Versatility

Cambom Manual Food Processor


What Makes It Catchy

Looking for a versatile and easy-to-use manual food processor? This handy kitchen gadget is perfect for anyone who loves to cook, whether you're a beginner or a pro.

The three stainless steel blades make quick work of chopping and mixing or dicing. It's efficient at chopping up various ingredients like garlic, onions, red cabbage, herbs, and even nuts.

The cup body is made of dishwasher-safe PS material for your convenience. And to prevent skidding, the bottom comes with an anti-skid rubber strip design. This keeps it firmly in place on your countertop.

Cambom Manual Food Processor

Things In The Spotlight

With its practicability and compact design, it doesn't take up much counter space and can easily be stored in a cabinet or drawer when not in use. But don't let its size fool you - this food processor packs a powerful punch!

Simply place your food into the large processing bowl, place the lid onto the bowl, pull on the drawstring to rotate the whipping blade, and watch as your food is quickly and easily chopped into the desired shape. 5 times for perfectly coarse dices, 10-15 times for a fine cut, and 20+ times for a dip sauce.

Whether you're looking for a rough or fine chop, the Cambom Manual Food Processor can do it all. And with its durable construction and dishwasher-safe parts, it's easy to clean and built to last.

Cambom Manual Food Processor
Cambom Manual Food Processor

Ourokhome Hand Pull Food Processor

Best Choice For Its Value For Money

Ourokhome Hand Pull Food Processor


What Makes It Catchy

This food processor is the best choice for its value for money. You can control the size of foods by controlling the number of times you pull the string.

It's 10 times pulling for coarse chopping, 15 times for medium, and 20 times or more for puree. You can get chopped onions in seconds without crying, and minced garlic without smell. It's a great cauliflower ricer.

This small pull chopper is much more than just a vegetable chopper: can handle many foods such as ginger, fruits, nuts, herbs, carrot, tomato, avocado, breadcrumbs, etc. All thanks to the 3 sharp blades.

The blades are crafted from durable 420 stainless steel imported from Germany, so you can trust that they won't bend or rust. The three blades are arranged in different directions and heights to ensure evenly chopped ingredients, while the curved blade increases the area of contact between blade and food for more efficient chopping.

Ourokhome Hand Pull Food Processor

Things In The Spotlight

This chopper is made with a superior pull rope, so you can chop away without fear of the ropes breaking. The bowl is made from transparent BPA-free material, so you can keep track of the size of your ingredients while chopping.

The thick bowl construction makes this chopper more durable than others on the market. And when you're finished chopping, simply rinse it off, your hands don't need to touch the blades, and no need to worry about electrical damage.

This chopper is also great for small amounts of ingredients and can be used anywhere, anytime - no electricity required! So go ahead and make finely chopped vegetables, fruits, and more with ease.

Ourokhome Hand Pull Food Processor
Ourokhome Hand Pull Food Processor

Manual Food Processor: Buying Guide & FAQs

A manual food processor is a handy little appliance to have in the kitchen. It's perfect for small tasks like chopping onions or a veggie, chopping julienne style or mincing garlic.

But if you've never used one before, it can be a little confusing to know how to use it. If you consider buying one, check our reviews. But also, read customer reviews.

That's why we've compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about manual food processors. Keep reading for information about how to use a manual food processor, what to make with one, and more!

What is the difference between a manual food processor and a regular processor?

Well, a manual food processor is a bit like a regular food processor, except that it is operated by hand rather than by electricity. This means that you can use it anywhere, without having to worry about finding an outlet or lugging around a heavy machine.

Manual food processors are also usually smaller and more compact than their electric counterparts, making them perfect for small kitchens or for taking on the road with you.

What are the advantages of using a manual food processor over a regular one? 

First of all, they’re much cheaper – since they don’t have a motor and don't require any electricity to operate, you can save quite a bit of money by going with a manual model. 

They’re also usually lighter and more compact, making them easy to store or take with you when you travel. 

Finally, manual food processors give you a bit more control over the final product, since you can control the speed and pressure with which you chop the food. Professional chefs often prefer using a manual food processor, as they feel it's keeping them in the driver's seat.

So, if you’re looking for a manual food processor that will make your life easier in the kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place. 

What can a manual food processor do?

A manual food processor can certainly dice, chop and grate foods of varying degrees of toughness. They are handy for taking smaller chunks out of larger ones- think slicing an onion or chopping carrots. 

The Giuliani brand also comes with a pizza cutter function - not bad! Not everyone needs the full Cuisinart shebang, so if you cook simple meals at home, a manual food processor is a cost effective solution that will save you time in the kitchen.

What does a regular food processor do that a manual food processor doesn't?

A food processor is a kitchen appliance used to facilitate repetitive tasks in the preparation of food. processors are available in both manually operated and electronic versions. 

The term "food processor" has become ubiquitous in many countries, and most households now own one. Manual versus electronic: Food processors vary depending on whether they are manual or electronic.

Manual processors require the operator to do the work by hand, such as slicing or grinding. In contrast, electric processors typically have a number of preset operations that can be activated at the touch of a button. 

For example, many models come with attachments for chopping, pureeing, grating, and slicing. Some also have pastry-making attachments such as dough hooks and cookie cutters.

Benefits: Food processors save time and energy by performing tasks that would otherwise have to be done by hand. For example, slicing vegetables with a knife can be time-consuming and tedious, but with a food processor, it can be done in seconds. In addition, manual processors are often less expensive than electric ones.

What is the a manual food chopper?

A manual food chopper is a small kitchen appliance that is used to chop vegetables, fruits, and other foods. It typically consists of a base with a blade attached to it, and a handle that is used to operate the blade. 

Some manual food choppers also have additional features such as a grating attachment or a slicing attachment. Before putting foods in the bowl, hand washing recommended.

What is the difference between a manual food chopper and a electric food processor?

There are a few key differences between manual food choppers and electric food processors. Besides the obvious difference in their source of power, the main difference is that electric food processors are larger, can handle large volumes and can do more tasks. 

Most manual food choppers are much smaller and have less possibilities. However, new developments in the world of manual food processors and choppers have resulted in appliances that offer a wide range of possibilities that rival their electric counterparts.

Another big difference is that electric food processors have multiple blades, while manual choppers usually only have one. This means that the processor can do more at once and is quicker to use. But also in this field manual choppers are quickly catching up.

Finally, electric food processors sometimes come with a variety of attachments (such as a shredder), which the manual chopper does not have.

What is the best manual food processor?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the best manual food processor. Size and portability are important factors, as you'll want something that is easy to take with you on the go. 

At Catchy Finds, we have selected five of the best. Our preference? Hard, but we are impressed by the Mueller and the Brieftons Express. But the Salsa Master surprised us by its ease of use and its seemingly endless possibilities. We haven't included the Ultra Chef Express Food Chopper. 

Reason: despite doing great in all its functions, the number of accessories make it hard to store conveniently. Otherwise, a great buy, for an affordable price.

What is the easiest food processor to use?

The easiest food processor to use would be one that is easy to operate and clean. Some food processors have complex controls that can be difficult to use, while others have fewer features and are easier to operate. 

When choosing a food processor, it is important to consider your own needs and find one that is easy for you to use. 

In terms of cleaning, some food processors have dishwasher-safe parts while others do not. Dishwasher-safe models are usually easier to clean, since you can just throw the parts in the dishwasher and let it do its job. 

However, non-dishwasher-safe models may require more effort to clean by hand. Consider how easy the food processor is to clean before making your purchase.

What else can I use if I don't have a food processor?

There are several things you can use in place of a food processor.

If you have a blender, that will work for most tasks that a food processor would be used for. You can also use a handheld mixer, or even just a fork or knife. It will depend on the task you are trying to do as to what will work best.

If you want to chop something, then using a knife would be the best option. However, different chopping tasks require different knives. If you are looking to blend something, then using a blender or hand mixer would be the best options.

Basically, it just depends on what you need to do and what you have available to you. There are many ways to accomplish the same task, so don't worry if you don't have a food processor. There is sure to be a way to do what you need to do.

What is the difference between a food processor and blender?

A blender is specifically designed to create smooth, textured purees and drinks from whole fruits and vegetables, while a food processor can perform multiple functions such as chopping, grating, blending and slicing.

A blender typically has a shorter blade that is inserted into the container and moves up and down. A food processor has a longer blade that spins around like on a drill. This difference in design means that a blender can create a smoother texture than a food processor, and even be used as a juicer.

What should I look for when buying a food processor?

There are a few things you should consider when purchasing a food processor. The size of the machine, the power, and the type of blades all play important roles in what you'll be able to do with your food processor.

Some processors come with multiple bowls, which can be helpful if you're processing different types of foods at the same time. Others have unique features, like a mini-processor that sits inside the main bowl, that can come in handy for smaller jobs.

When it comes to power, you want to make sure your processor can handle whatever you're planning to throw at it. If you're frequently making bread dough or chopping up hard vegetables, you'll need a more powerful machine than if you're just using it for occasional slicing and dicing.

Finally, the type of blades that come with your processor can make a big difference in its performance. Some processors come with a variety of blades that can be used for different tasks, while others only have one or two basic blades. If you're planning to do a lot of different things with your processor, make sure it comes with the blades you need.

How do you use a manual food chopper?

A manual food chopper is a handheld kitchen gadget that can be used to chop vegetables, fruits, and other types of food. It usually consists of a cylindrical base with a handle, and a blade that is rotated by turning the handle.

To chopper your food using a manual food chopper, first make sure that your cutting board is securely in place. Place the food that you want to chop onto the board, and then position the manual food chopper over it. 

Grip the chopper's handle firmly, and then turn it in a clockwise or counterclockwise motion to chop the food. Be careful not to chop your fingers along with the food! Depending on how finely you want the food chopped, you may need to turn the handle several times.

Once you're done chopping, carefully remove the manual food chopper from the cutting board. If the food is still attached to the blade, use a knife to remove it. Wash the manual food chopper and your board in hot, soapy water.

Can you put carrots in a manual food processor?

Yes, you can certainly put carrots in a manual food processor! In fact, this kitchen appliance can be quite handy for quickly and easily chopping up vegetables like carrots, for example, julienne-style. 

All you need to do is wash and trim the carrots, then cut them into manageable pieces that will fit into your food processor.

Once they're chopped, you can add them to soups, stews, vegetable dishes, or even smoothies. Plus, they'll retain more of their nutrients since they won't be cooked as long. 

So if you're looking for a quick and easy way to prep carrots (or other veggies), a manual food processor is definitely the way to go!

What can you do with a small food processor?

Yes, a small food processor can do many things. It can chop vegetables, fruits and nuts; it can purée soups and sauces; it can make peanut butter, hummus and salsa; and so much more. It's an all-in-one: a slicer, chopper, cutter, mincer, mixer, and more.

One of my favorite features of a small food processor is its ability to make quick work of mincing garlic. In the past, I would have to peel each clove and then mince it by hand with a knife. With a food processor, all I have to do is pop in a few cloves (with skins still on) and pulse until they're finely chopped. 

This is such a time-saver! And don't get me started on chopping onions ... since I have my small food processor, no more tears, and no longer smelly hands. A blessing!

Do manual food processors chop vegetables?

Yes! Manual food processors can chop vegetables well. They are particularly good for larger vegetables like carrots, celery, and potatoes. If you are looking for a tool to help you chop vegetables quickly and easily, a manual food processor is a great option.

Best Manual Food Processor For You

We hope that this blog post was helpful in guiding you to the best manual food processor for your needs.

If you're still not sure which one is right for you, be sure to check out some of our other appliance-focused blog posts.

Thanks for reading and happy cooking!

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