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Looking for a way to make espresso without having to buy an expensive espresso machine? Try out Italy's trusted moka pot!

Making espresso at home has never been easier—all you need is the right beans, some water, and a moka pot. Ready to get started? Here’s how you can make delicious espresso with a moka pot.

What Is A Moka Pot?

Create the perfect cup of Italian-style espresso with a moka pot. This classic stovetop coffee maker brews strong, robust flavors by pressing boiling water through finely-ground coffee beans via steam pressure for an unforgettable taste experience.

It's easy to use and a great way to make café-style coffee. Most of the Italian locals use a moka pot to make espresso at home. It became the most popular way of making coffee in Italy before the espresso machines.

We tried the moka pot for the first time when we traveled to Naples, Italy. We loved the results and have been hooked on it ever since!

Make Your Coffee

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients & Tools.

  • You'll need a moka pot, some freshly-ground espresso beans, a coffee grinder (if necessary), and some cold water.
  • If you don't have a coffee grinder, you can purchase pre-ground beans, but they won't be as fresh and flavorful as freshly-ground beans.

Step 2: Prepping Your Moka Pot

Before brewing, make sure your moka pot is clean and in good condition. There must be no dirt or damage to the pot, and the rubber seal should be intact.

Step 3: Grind Your Beans Properly

  • The secret to great espresso starts with grinding your beans properly. You want to use coarse-ground coffee, so if you're using pre-ground beans, make sure they are labeled as "espresso grind."
  • If you’re grinding your beans, use the coarsest setting on your grinder. Remember that it's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to grinding size.
  • If your grounds are too fine, the extraction process will be slowed down and you won't get a full flavor from your espresso.

Step 4: Assemble The Moka Pot

  • Fill the bottom chamber of your moka pot with cold water up to just below where it meets the pressure valve to avoid overflow when brewing.
  • Place the funnel over the top opening, and add in 2 tablespoons of freshly ground espresso beans or pre-ground coffee for espresso.
  • Tap it lightly to level out the grounds. Do not tamp them down; this will prevent water from flowing freely through the filter basket.
  • Place the filter basket with ground espresso into it and screw on the top chamber as tightly as possible.

Step 5: Brew Your Coffee

  • Now place it onto a stovetop over medium heat and wait for boiling action to begin!
  • Wait until you hear a gurgling sound coming from within—this means that all of the water has been forced through the grounds and into the upper chamber by pressure created within the vessel itself.
  • The water will slowly rise through the filter basket and out of its spout into the upper chamber of your moka pot—this is how you know it's done!
  • When all of the liquid has made its way up, turn off your stove, and remove it from heat immediately so that it doesn't overcook or burn.
  • Let your espresso cool for about 30 seconds before pouring yourself a cup (or two!). Enjoy!

Moka Pot Coffee FAQs

What is the ratio for espresso in a moka pot?

The ratio of ground espresso beans to water should be 1:2 - This means that for every 2 tablespoons of ground espresso, you will need 4 ounces of cold water.

  • For a stronger flavor, you can increase the ratio up to 1:1, but this may result in an over-extracted espresso.
  • If you find that the flavor is too strong for your taste, you can add a bit of hot water or ice to dilute it.

What is the ratio for a six-ounce moka pot?

You can make up to four cups with a six-ounce pot. For a six-ounce pot, you'll want to use 4 tablespoons of freshly ground espresso and eight ounces (1 cup) of cold water. 

How to make creamy espresso with moka pot?

For creamy espresso, wait until the entire process is finished before pouring it into your cup. This will give the espresso a few seconds to settle and create the crema.

Make sure to use a finer grind size for espresso beans and that you don't press down on them when adding them to the filter basket. Packing down the grounds will prevent water from flowing freely and reduce extraction time, resulting in a less creamy espresso.

Tips & Tricks

  • For extra flavor, try adding a pinch of salt or sugar to the grounds before brewing.
  • If you like a stronger espresso, don't hesitate to increase the water-to-coffee ratio up to 1:1.
  • To make a latte or cappuccino, combine your espresso with steamed milk for a silky smooth drink.
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