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Looking for a salad spinner that will make your greens look like they were just picked from a garden? Look no further!

We did all the research for you and picked the top 8 salad spinners. Read on to find out which one is perfect for your kitchen.

All of these salad spinners are amazing, but there can only be one winner. Find out who takes home the gold in our review below.

Read more to find out the one that fits your lifestyle and get ready to clean and make the perfect, crisp salad.

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8 Picks In The Spotlight

OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner

Best In Easy Operation

OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • The salad spinner is easy to use.
  • You can serve salads in the clear plastic bowl.
  • It's so easy to use that even your kids can help out in the kitchen.
OXO Good Grips Large Salad Spinner | OXO

Things In The Spotlight

Looking for an easy to use salad spinner that doesn't skimp on quality or style? This top-of-the-line Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner features a patented pump mechanism and brake button for easy one-handed operation, as well as a soft, non slip knob that locks down for storage.

The elegant, clear outer plastic bowl is perfect for serving, and the 4.95 qt capacity inner basket can be used separately as a colander. Plus, the clear, flat lid allows for convenient stacking when not in use, and disassembles easily for cleaning. Truly a great salad spinner!

OXO Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

Best In Durability

OXO Steel Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • The OXO stainless steel salad spinner is made of high quality materials and will last for years.
  • The basket and bowl can be used separately, making it more versatile.
  • Impress your dinner guests with a gourmet salad made with ease.
OXO Stainless Steel Salad Spinner

Things In The Spotlight

The OXO Steel Salad Spinner is the best on the market when it comes to durability. The stainless steel bowl construction is solid and the materials are top-notch, so you can rest assured that this product will last for years to come.

Operating the spinner is easy and requires only one hand. The patented pump mechanism and brake button make it simple to use, and the clear lid lets you see inside while it's in use.

The Oxo Steel Salad Spinner has a large capacity, with a 6.34 qt stainless steel bowl and a 4.95 qt basket. This allows you to spin large quantities of salad at once, making it perfect for families or entertaining guests.

OXO Good Grips Glass Salad Spinner

Best In Elegant Design

OXO Good Grips Glass Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • The salad bowl is made of borosilicate glass, making it elegant and durable.
  • The brake stops the spinner basket immediately for easy use.
  • The storage lock holds the pump flush with the lid so you can stack and store without any fuss.
OXO's Award Winning Salad Spinner | OXO

Things In The Spotlight

Looking for a salad spinner that's both elegant and durable? Made of borosilicate glass, this attractive serving bowl is perfect for taking straight from the kitchen to the table.

And with its one-handed pump, you can easily spin your greens dry with minimal effort. Plus, the patented brake stops the basket immediately for easy use.

Plus, the removable spinner basket doubles as a colander for rinsing greens. And when it's time to clean, the easy-to-clean lid comes apart for thorough cleaning.

Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner

Best In Quick Dryer

Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • Quick and easy drying of vegetables and some.
  • Non-slip bowl which makes the spinner stable.
  • Toss & create healthy salads in a snap.
Zyliss SwiftDry™ Salad Spinner | Sur La Table

Things In The Spotlight

Looking for a fast and reliable salad spinner? This salad spinner features a one-handed, fast pump and a quick brake to stop the spinning. With its water and air vents in the colander and lid, the Zyliss Swift Dry Salad Spinner maximizes water and air release, making it the perfect tool for quickly drying your vegetables.

The clear bowl doubles as a salad bowl, making it even more convenient to use. Plus, the salad tosser handle locks down for easy and stackable storage.

And because Zyliss kitchen tools are favored by both everyday cooks and gourmet chefs alike, you know you're getting a high-quality product that will last.

Cuisinart Salad Spinner

Cuisinart Salad Spinner

Best In Lock Feature

Cuisinart Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • Best-in-lock feature locks the spinner closed for secure.
  • Non skid base keeps the bowl stable.
  • Have a hassle free salad making experience.
Cuisinart® | Salad Spinner | Cuisinart

Things In The Spotlight

Quickly and easily wash and spin-dry salad greens, (some) fruits and vegetables with the Cuisinart Salad Spinner. Plus, the non skid base keeps the bowl stable while you're spinning away.

This handy little gadget features a best-in-lock feature that locks the spinner closed for secure storage. Its clear base can be used as a serving bowl.

The easy-to-turn spin knob makes adding and draining water a breeze, and the 5-quart capacity is perfect for a big salad or multiple side dishes.

Zulay Kitchen Salad Spinner

Best In Colored Variety

Zulay Kitchen Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • You can easily spin your salad ingredients into full speed.
  • The two built-in lid locks and its drainage system make it easy to pour out water.
  • Get healthy and feel great while enjoy great food.
Zulay Kitchen Salad Spinner

Things In The Spotlight

This nifty little gadget is perfect for anyone who loves to cook and entertain. With its built-in hand crank, you can quickly and easily spin your salad ingredients into full speed.

The rubber ring at the bottom prevents slipping during use. Plus, the two built-in lid locks and the drainage system make it easy to pour or remove water without having to remove the cover.

So whether you're looking to wash, spin-dry, or toss your salad ingredients, this all-in-one salad spinner is up for the task!

Gourmia Jumbo Salad Spinner

Best In Friendly Budget

Gourmia Jumbo Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • Clear multipurpose salad container for spinning, tossing, dressing & serving salads.
  • Ergonomic design includes a non skid base for stability.
  • Enjoy great looking fresh salads that stay crisp and delicious longer.
Gourmia Jumbo Salad Spinner

Things In The Spotlight

Need a quick and affordable way to dry and keep your lettuce fresh? The Gourmia Jumbo Salad Spinner with hand crank is perfect for Romaine lettuce, spinach, cabbage, vegetables, red onion and other salads.

The Gourmia Jumbo Salad Spinner with a large capacity bowl and built-in drain, this spinner makes it easy to wash and dry your salad ingredients with minimal effort.

The ergonomic design includes a non-skid base for stability, durable heavy duty parts and a lockable lid to prevent contents from spilling. Made of dishwasher safe, BPA free plastic, this spinner is durable and easy to clean.

Westmark Germany Vegetable & Salad Spinner

Best In Practical Pouring

Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner


What Makes It Catchy

  • Reliable and easy to use.
  • You'll be able to make salads with little to no effort.
  • The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable and efficient to use.
Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner

Things In The Spotlight

Looking for an easy and efficient way to separate the liquids from your salad? Look no further than the Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner!

This practical kitchen gadget is made in Germany with high quality polypropylene, making it extremely durable and dishwasher safe. The easy-spin mechanism and practical pouring spot to get rid of excess water make it a breeze to use, while the ergonomic handle ensures comfort during operation.

With a simple push of a button, the Westmark Germany Vegetable and Salad Spinner will do all the work for you – all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your salad.

Salad Spinner FAQs

If you're a salad lover, then you know the importance of a good salad spinner. But with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Maybe you didn't know that there were so many different factors to consider! That's why we've put together this handy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you make the best decision for your particular needs.

How does a salad spinner work?

The purpose is, after hand washing greens, to dry greens (like lettuce). By pulling a cord or by twisting or turning a knob on the lid a centrifugal force makes a basket, filled with washed wet greens, spin fast while the spinning motion causes a shake out of excess water through the small holes of the basket. Small spinners work well for drying fresh herbs (tip: don't use fragile herbs), bigger ones for drying greens like salads or mixed greens.

After spinning, you take the dried lettuce or greens out of the basket, thoroughly rinse and clean the bowl, which you can now use to serve the salad or greens.

Which salad spinner dries the lettuce the best?

The fastest and most efficient salad spinner has a built-in centrifugal force. The lid should be firmly in place, the bowl should have a non slip base, and the spinning mechanism should work smoothly. 

If all this is in place and works as it should, you'll find that nearly all the spinners do an excellent job of salad spinning and drying.

Is it worth getting a salad spinner?

Yes, I think a salad spinner is worth getting. It's one of those kitchen gadgets that you may not think you need until you have one and then can't live without it.

A salad spinner is really helpful for cleaning leafy greens like spinach or lettuce. You can just soak them in water and then spin them dry in the salad spinner.

This helps to remove any dirt or grit that may be on the leaves. It also helps to reduce the amount of water that is left on the leaves, which helps to prevent them from wilting.

What should I look for in a salad spinner?

When looking for a salad spinner, you'll want to consider the size of the spinner, the material it is made out of, and how easy it is to use.

  • The size of the spinner is important because you'll want one that can fit comfortably in your kitchen, but also, can handle the salad or other greens you want to dry.
  • The material is important because you'll want one that is easy to clean and doesn't rust. The inner baskets are usually made of plastic. These can also be used as colanders. As for the outer bowls: you will find plastic bowls, glass bowls and stainless steel bowls, that can also be used as serving bowls.
  • Finally, you'll want to consider how easy it is to use. Salad spinners work by a spinning mechanism that speeds up the inner basket when you push a big button, or slowly twist a knob on the lid. Other spinners are so-called "pull cord spinners": by pulling a cord, the basket starts spinning.
  • Some spinners have a brake that needs to be manually set each time you spin the salad, while others have an automatic brake that stops the salad from spinning when it reaches a certain speed.

Can you use a salad spinner to wash vegetables?

Contrary to what several salad spinner manufacturers recommend, I would not wash fresh-of-the-land vegetables or unwashed lettuce in a salad spinner. The dirt and debris (like soil, dead insects) may be too large to be go through the small openings of the inner basket when spinning.

That's why I strongly recommend to hand wash vegetables by hand first, and remove most dirt and debris. Then, fill the outer bowl with clean water, put the wet vegetables in the basket and let the spinner do its job: removing the final tiny bits of dirt and debris, and dry the vegetables.

Now, inspect the vegetables, as bits of soil and debris can still be trapped in the nooks and crannies of the leaves. Rinse the vegetables once more, and now use the spinner to finalize the cleaning and drying.

Note that not all salad spinners are dishwasher-safe, so you may need to wash yours by hand.

Do salad spinners completely dry lettuce?

Yes, salad spinners are good at drying lettuce. However, after spinning, the lettuce will still feel a tiny bit wet. So, completely? No. The spinning action removes the water from the leaves, leaving them nice and crispy.

How do you wash lettuce in a salad spinner?

To wash your lettuce in a salad spinner, first remove all of the leaves from the head of lettuce and discard any brown or wilted leaves. Hand wash the leaves first, to remove any dirt and debris. 

Fill the salad spinner with cold water and add the lettuce leaves. Swish the leaves around with your fingers to loosen any remaining dirt or grit, then spin them dry. Voila! Your lettuce is clean and ready to use in your favorite salad recipes.

How do you dry lettuce with a spinner?

You can dry lettuce with a spinner by placing hand washed lettuce in the spinner and spinning it for a few minutes. The centrifugal force will remove most of the water from the lettuce. You can then place the lettuce in a salad dryer or on a drying rack to dry it completely.

How do you dry lettuce without a salad spinner?

You can dry lettuce without a salad spinner by using a clean dish towel. Just wrap the towel around the lettuce, twist the top to secure it, and then spin it around like you would with a salad spinner. 

The centrifugal force will cause the water to fly off of the leaves and onto the towel, leaving your lettuce nice and dry. Oh yes: I recommend to do this outside. Just sayin'.

How do you keep lettuce fresh?

By keeping it cold and dry.

Most leafy greens, including lettuce, are best stored in a cold, dark place. The fridge is great for this, but if you're not going to eat the lettuce within a few days, you can also store it in the crisper drawer of your fridge or in a sealed container in the fridge.

Storing lettuce at a consistent low temperature will help keep it from wilting and will preserve its flavor and nutritional value. Lettuce can also be dried by patting it down with a paper towel after rinsing to extend its shelf life.

How do I keep lettuce fresh in the fridge?

There are a few things you can do to keep lettuce fresh in the fridge. First, avoid washing it until you're ready to eat it. Washing lettuce causes it to start wilting and will speed up the decay process. 

You can also store lettuce in a resealable bag or container with a damp paper towel to help keep it moist. And lastly, try not to store it for too long - usually 3-5 days is the sweet spot.

Do you chop lettuce before using the salad spinner?

No, you should not chop lettuce before using a salad spinner. Just separate the lettuce leaves, wash them by hand first, then spin them dry. Now you can chop the lettuce.

Do you put water in a salad spinner?

You can do this when your greens still have some tiny bits of dirt and debris, after hand washing them. Now, put them in a spinner filled with water. This way, you give them an extra wash. Throw the water, and spin once again. This will result in clean, dry, crispy salad.

Can I store my lettuce in my salad spinner?

Yes! You can store your lettuce in your salad spinner by adding a small amount of water to the bottom of the bowl, then placing the lettuce in and spinning it. The water will keep the lettuce hydrated and fresh.

Salad spinners are great for more than just salads! You can also use them to rinse fruits and vegetables, or to dry them off after washing. They're a great tool to have in your kitchen arsenal.

Can you put salad dressing in a salad spinner?

No, I wouldn't do that. Salad dressing you put on salad after serving it. You can, on the other hand, add fresh herbs or mixed greens before spinning.

Can I put fruit in salad spinner?

Yes, you can - but I don't recommend you do. Fruit can be rinsed and dried with a paper towel or simply washed and dried with a gentle hand. Be sure to dry the fruit thoroughly before storing it in the fridge. Moisture will cause fruit to spoil more quickly.

How do restaurants wash lettuce?

There are a few ways. The restaurants kitchens I have worked in or visited, all gently but thoroughly washed vegetables by hand, and used spinners to dry them. They are responsible for food safety, and would cause a major issue if they wouldn't take care of their customers' health.

Why do restaurant salads taste better?

Restaurants salads taste better because they add dressings and toppings that make them more flavorful.

Salads are a great way to get your daily dose of vegetables, but they can be pretty bland if you just eat them plain.

How do you wash lettuce and keep it crisp?

There are a few ways to wash lettuce and keep it crisp.

  • One is to rinse the lettuce in cold water, hand wash it to remove visible dirt and debris, rinse it, and then spin it dry in a salad spinner.
  • Another is to place the washed lettuce in a large bowl or pot and cover it with cold water. Let the lettuce soak for a few minutes, then drain off the water and spin it dry in a salad spinner. However, make sure you remove any remaining debris from the inner basket and outer bowl.
  • A third way to wash lettuce is to soak it in a vinegar solution (1 tablespoon of vinegar per cup of water) for a few minutes, inspect for possible debris, then rinse it off and spin it dry in a salad spinner.
  • And finally, you can also blanch the lettuce (after a first hand wash and rinse), by placing it in boiling water for one minute, then cooling it quickly in ice water and spinning it dry in a salad spinner.

No matter which method you choose, it's important to dry the lettuce completely before serving it, or storing it in the fridge. Moisture will cause lettuce to spoil more quickly.

How do you crisp lettuce without a salad spinner?

Place a paper towel on the bottom of a bowl. Add the cleaned and dried lettuce leaves and sprinkle with water. Top with another paper towel. Let sit for 30 minutes. The leaves will be crisp and ready to eat!

Should I wash lettuce before storing?

No, you should not wash lettuce before storing, as slightly wet lettuce spoils more quickly. Lettuce is most often contaminated on the surface, and washing it will not remove all of the bacteria. 

It is best to store lettuce in a sealed bag or container so that it does not come into contact with contaminants in the air. After taking it out (2-3 days max!) wash and spin again before consumption.

How do you dry a salad after washing it?

The best way to dry a salad after washing it is to use a salad spinner. This will help remove most of the water from the salad leaves and make them less likely to spoil.

If you don't have a salad spinner, you can also use a clean kitchen towel to dry the leaves. Just be sure to shake off any excess water before putting the salad in a container or serving it.

Are you supposed to wash iceberg lettuce?

Yes, you are supposed to wash iceberg lettuce. It may seem like a pointless task, but it's important to remove any dirt or bacteria that may be on the leaves. You can either rinse it under cold water or soak it in a bowl of cold water and vinegar for a few minutes.

Should you wash lettuce with vinegar?

Yes, you can wash lettuce in a bowl of water with a spoonful of vinegar, to help remove bacteria and other contaminants. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and can help kill harmful pathogens on the surface of the lettuce.

However, it's important to note that vinegar will not remove all contaminants from the lettuce, so it's still important to rinse the lettuce thoroughly after washing with vinegar.

How do you make lettuce last 2 weeks?

You can make lettuce last 2 weeks by storing it in the fridge, separating the leaves, and then dampening a paper towel and wrapping it around the leaves. Make sure to change the paper towel regularly. However, there is no guarantee, as the condition of your fridge (temperature, door often open, humidity) may still result in wasted lettuce.

The Best Salad Spinner For You

We hope you found this review of the best salad spinners helpful and that it has given you a better idea of what to look for when shopping. Which one of these top picks is your favorite?

Having an old salad spinner to throw and replace with a new one? Don't throw your old salad spinner away yet! You can repurpose that spinner and use it for a DIY spin art painting project and have fun with the kids! Discover more of tips & tricks and get creative inspiration with your salad spinner here!

Be sure to check out some of our other posts on kitchen appliances; we've got all the bases covered.

Thank you!

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